Nobody ever converted .osm to mysql ? How can i ?


i´d like to import .osm data into a mysql database. Can´t believe there is no script / nobody has ever done it ? Or should i try Osm2pgSQL and then convert it to mysql ?

I found it myself: It can be done with Osmosis. However, the import just doesn´t work for me. Will try the dev. mailing list too - don´t know wich place is better. The script always complains about a missing table “dtabasename.shema_info”.

Postgres and mysql are used for different things, rendering and editting.

The mysql database is used by the ruby on rails app, this is used to do editing of the OSM data. Rails is responsible for setting up the database, if you look in the wiki there are several pages describing different ways of setting up openstreetmap and mysql.

The postgres db is used for rendering, it contains a subset of the databse, optimized specifically for rendering. This databse is not used in the same way at all as the mysql one.