No xml result for specific xapi request

Hi all,

i am using xapi interface now for 4 weeks without problems.
But there seems a problem if the bounding box has negativ value for left and pos. value for right boundary.

I get following result:

<?xml version='1.0' standalone='no'?>

Only start tag is included, but no nodes,ways,… and also is missing.


Weird. I tried it and saw the same problem. Can’t see anything wrong with your bounding box (looks like this: )

I thought maybe structuring the URL like this would help, but no :*[bbox=-0.492188,51.662109,0.023438,52.048828]

Interestingly this query does work (requesting a specific tag with same bbox) :*[amenity=fuel][bbox=-0.492188,51.662109,0.023438,52.048828]

You’ll have to ask this question elsewhere or maybe pester User:80n directly about it.

Hi Harry, thanks for your reply.
I sent mail to 80n, and he is working on this.