No way to get to the "delete" button when editing a post?

The method use to delete a post is hidden by Discourse behind the “three dots” menu (even when there’s lots of screen real-estate available).

The “edit” pencil is visible, but there’s no way to get to “delete” from within “edit”.

Is this correct, or am I missing something obvious here?

(post deleted by author)

Deleting the content or deleting the post whole while writing/editing it? I’d not have thought of doing that. If penning something new, then deciding no, think you go out, and discourse offering to safe the draft or bin it.

Deleting access only via the menu certainly prevents accidental deletion. The history still shows the text though whatever good or bad needed to go.

I see the delete button when I edit a post, but it’s hidden behind the more menu.

I’m actually glad it’s hidden behind the more menu - deleting a post should require more than one click.

All this being said, my delete might not appear the same as your delete due to admin differences, so could you share a screenshot?

This is a screenshot of me editing a reply, with no obvious way to delete it, not even a “three dots” menu.

I see the three dots menu to the left of the text “Reply” What happens when you click on that?

That’s actually above the blue line and associated with your previous post - I don’t want to delete that(!). Here’s a larger screenshot that shows that what’s on the screen behind may vary.

Can you scroll so you can see the existing post’s action bar?

Yes - but I’d expect “delete” to be one of the things available below the blue line.

Delete is a separate action to edit on Discourse. It’s present as part of the post action bar behind the 3 dots (same as the edit button)

You can delete the post you are actually writing by clicking the “Close” button shown below and then the option “Discard”.