No translation of long posts

Translation of longer posts does not work. I get an errors message when selecting the globe on this message:

I found this for the new users guide topic and I had to split it into a few messages.

@Firefishy is there a technical limitation on the translation API we know of?

At first, I confirmed it myself that the translation feature works fine.The error finally occurred for the first time when I added one additional image at the bottom of the post.

There’s additional details here : Discourse Translator - plugin - Discourse Meta. I think there’s character limit on Microsoft Translator API.

Update : I split the article, and now the translation feature is working.

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Microsoft Translator API has a limit of 50,000 characters per API translation call, but that appears to be limited down to 10,000 characters by the translation extension code.

Update: Microsoft Translation API previously had a limit of 10,000 characters. The discourse extension should be updated.

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Upstream PR to increase limit from 10,000 → 50,000 characters: FIX: Increase Microsoft max character limit to new limit by Firefishy · Pull Request #86 · discourse/discourse-translator · GitHub


The change is now live. Translations now support upto 50,000 characters.