No show map in mapsource

I downloaded the map Ontario routable april 30 2010.exe onto my laptop and executed the file. I run mapsource clicked on view went to switch product and clicked on osm map and all that was dispayed where grid lines. Can someone help perhaps I missed something.


Please zoom out to 3000km or 5000km…do you see a yellow blob somewhere? Zoom in on the blob if you do…

My mapsource only zooms out to 3000 km and I get a white square within 4 grid zones.
Thanks for the reply Lambertus.

Well, I’m sorry, but I don’t know why the map is not showing up…

Using map tool in mapsource I do get 11 tiles that show up and are outlined in yellow when I move the mouse over them and turn pink when I click them. The problem is that there is nothing on those tiles and because I am just a newbe I might have missed something very important about prepareing these maps for displaying. I am especialy concerned there is no typ files that I can find and the fid number in map set toolkit is 0 which I think I read somewhere is not right. Any help would be appreciated or perhaps something will show up in the rest of the forum.

I’ve the same problem with the download for Namibia: Windows7, MS 6.16.2

Just downloaded the Netherlands from yesterday’s update and installed it in MapSource (6.13.7) by just clicking next until finished. Typ files are not included with my maps (and they don’t need to be included).

When zoomed to 3000km I see a lot of white with a few gridlines and a small yellow blob somewhere. Zooming in on the blob (200km) I start to see the coastline and the motorways. Zooming to 3km reveals a lot more.

I do see that the state definition of Ontario isn’t correct. It includes a lot more tiles then necessary and a few tiles in the eastern part are missing in the selection. Maybe those missing tiles are the problem? If so, then just enable manual selection on the website and add the tiles to the selection before clicking ‘build my maps’.

I just installed the Namibia map it’s not perfect, but working none the less. Zooming to 3000km shows a few white tiles and zooming in on them at a few places reveals e.g. Cough Island, so that learned there was data in the maps. Pursuing a little further revealed that the area where the 4 tiles meet contains details. Use the magnifying glass to zoom in on the area where the 4 tiles meet and once you get below 300km you will see motorways appearing.