No parking road markings

Hey there!

Can someone point me to a (Hebrew) source that explains road markings that mean “no parking” or “no stopping”, i.e. are used in place of the signs? If they exist at all, that is!

Not all countries have those. Germany doesn’t have those. But France for example has those, see e.g. … ol-parking

The context, by the way, is that I implement a quest for StreetComplete where the user should be able to just tap on the road marking/sign he is seeing and it should then be tagged correctly.


Do you mean this kind of link:
This file:
Page 68 are the marking on the side of the road.

Thank you, Harel!

So, sign no 818 (red-white stripes on curbside)

looks to be equivalent to this sign

And sign no 511 (red-yellow stripes on curbside)

looks to be equivalent to this sign

, right?

Edit: Or does “red-yellow” only allow stopping to load/unload passengers for certain vehicle types (buses)? Google Translate is a bit ambiguous with Hebrew.

Going back to when I was learning for me driving license :slight_smile:
433 is equivalent to 818 (red-white) - no stopping or parking.
511 (red-yellow) is related to 507 and 509 I think, it is mainly for public transportation.
432 is no parking allowed, but stopping is allowed, not sure to which color it corresponds if at all…

Thank you again! :slight_smile: