No parking road markings

Hey there!

In the French forum, I asked about road markings that mean “no parking” or “no stopping”

Does this also exist in Belgium? Does anyone know a source (in French or Dutch)?


Hi Tobias,

I think these are the only legal markings (in Dutch):

But road operators tend to be creative, so there might be some variants in reality. I haven’t heard about road markings indicating “no stopping” and we don’t use blue as a default for payed parking.

I had a look at mapping parking lanes, but the current data model is very hard to understand (conditional restrictions are easy by comparison) and there are a LOT of different restrictions that may apply. I suppose you’re keeping it simple for now (no stopping / no parking / parking)

Thank you! So, just the one with dashed line is officially known.

Yup, it is! Though I fear that it is too late to reform the tagging completely to make it simpler as all data consumers still would need to support both schemes then till ~forever.

Regarding conditional restrictions, there is this proposal that is being discussed:
The proposal is in a nutshell to use the conditional restrictions syntax instead of the “homebrew” parking:condition::time_interval=** (etc.) one but suggests a few other minor enhancements too.

So, yes, I am keeping it simple for now: User should select how cars park, and if they don’t, what (if any) sign or road marking they see there. This would then be tagged as e.g. parking:lane:right=no_parking or if there is no sign because the no-parking is somehow implicit (e.g. on/near railway crossings, bus stops, intersections, crossings, tram crossings, etc etc), just parking:lane:right=no.

(Edit: So that means that any conditional restrictions on parking will not be recordable with SC for now)

The 2 types of marking linked above aren’t the only ones that imply some sort of parking regulation.

When it comes to standing and parking:

Parking is prohibited:

  • on roads which have marked lanes
  • on roads next to yellow dashed lines

Standing and parking is prohibited:

  • up to 5 meters in front and after the start or end of a cycle path
  • on cycle paths
  • up to 5 meter in front and on top of bicycle/moped and pedestrian crossings
  • on checkboard markings
  • on hatched markings

(I hope I didn’t forget one :))

For what it is worth: when I took the exam, and the preparation to it, I learned that in BE road markings are only there to confirm signalisation. In other words: they can paint on the road whatever they want, if it is not backed by signalisation it doesn’t mean anything. That is several decades ago, though, I’m none too sure it still applies entirely today.

On the other hand, there are indeed limitations to parking/stopping that apply without any directly relevant signalisation at all, as pointed out by Thibault just above. (Et entre parenthèses: toute la bienvenue à Thibault :slight_smile: !)