No more yahoo background in potlach?

The last few days, I havn’t got background images in potlach (region Tyrol/Austria). I have tried all zoom levels.
Is there something wrong with yahoo?
Or has potlach given up because my computer & internet connection is so terribly slow?
:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Did you had yahoo imagery before? The yahoo imagery set isn’t that good as Google, there are many areas with no high resolution. But i just checked and the yahoo lowres imagery is at least working. Highres around Innsbruck too

It’s working in Stockholm, but pressing F1 F2 by mistake will disable the imagery. You can enable the images again by pressing F3, or click the small checkbox in lower left corner that will give you a dialog where you can select what imagery you want to use…

THX a lot, emj!

I didn’t think of that! I must have pressed one of the F-Keys by accident, and gone were the backgrounds. Quite obviously, user settings are remembered at the server, because I had no backgrounds at different computers, which made me think of a general failure!

Checking ones GPX tracks is much easier with satelite images, and most of my region has quite high resolution, though there are clouds in some places :stuck_out_tongue:

np. No Clouds here :sunglasses::smiley:

I have found it being more fun to map with landsat+gpxtraces you feel mre like an artist.