No Maps for Garmin

Hi guys.

Just woundering if its just me or has the whole site gone down?

When I go to the maps for Garmin sat nav, it just states that they are having server problems and try later, which has been like that for 3 days, any news?

See et al for more information about the current problems and potential workarounds.

4 days and nothing!

Starting to think no more maps for sat navs from openstreetmap, :frowning:

Not wishing to be rude, but did you actually read my reply at all? People are trying to help you here; reposting the same question without reading any of the answers says rather more about you than anything else.

This is where you go “Someone else” no where in anyone’s answer did they say so, so forgive me for no getting it,


Download the “Topograhic” file which is the best and then add to a SD card (which i use for my older Nuvi 660).

This should help people who go to the old page looking for maps like I did.

Not everyone is a mind reader super intelligent., Just a thought.

Clue in the name tho! downloads :slight_smile:

That’s ONE place where you can go, but it isn’t the only one. The links provided to you in the other post lead you to a list of OSM-based Garmin map providers, where you can evaluate each one yourself and find one that meets your needs. Or, you could have used the other link that pointed directly to BBBike, a provider that’s widely regarded as being a good one.

It seems that you were looking for “the one right answer” where one doesn’t exist. By analogy, it was like you were asking “where can I buy a car”, having someone point you to a list of car dealerships, and then being annoyed that they didn’t just tell you where the Ford dealership is. Sometimes you have to do a bit of research to decide which solution meets your needs.