There should be more ‘focus’ on disabled persons on OSM →

Because one has ‘discovered’ that in Flanders (elsewhere probably the same), that 90% of the bus stops are NOT accessible for disabled people →

wheelchair=* is used pretty widely, and is an easy way to visualize the presence and absence of this tag. Is this the kind of thing you’re looking for?

ok, i knew that, but why no key ‘disabled’ , and then for ‘blind yes/no’ and for ‘wheelchair yes/no’ or something ?

People with disabilities have very diverse needs, so a single “disabled” key would probably be too broad. After all, adding wheelchair-accessible ramps to a train station helps wheelchair users, but if there is no tactile paving, then that same station probably isn’t very accessible to the blind.

To express these differences, we already use dedicated tagging standards for groups such as wheelchair users, people with vision or hearing impairments, and more. Having these specialized tags feels like a better solution to me.

Can you give me an example of these ‘dedicated tagging standards’ or where to find them ?

The following page lists quite a few of them:

Tnx Tordanik, i did not know those links.
So, as i understand, there are (only) 3 disabilities →

and then followed by


and then followed by the 2 letter language code with the description .
Tnx . :wink: