No downloading after selecting tiles


After selecting the tiles wanted, the maps do not download. What is the problem?

It’s not clear what you are referring to. Please specify.

Where/what are you trying to download?

If you try to download a map from, this service is not really reliable. Please use another service from . I am a happy user of .

can anyone go through how you get a map for a garmin sat nav, i used this service 6 months ago and it was very simple, now it just seems impossible,

Yes - read the post immediately above yours in this forum. Lots of people make OSM-based maps for Garmin available. The one recommended in the post above even has a helpful “here are the buttons that you need to click to get what you want” introduction on the front page.

Just posting this link is better.

Hope that helps you if someone else asks you for help, its like someone asking you where the toilets are and you say go to the police station they will tell you :slight_smile: good if you don’t have a clue i guess, sorry if that’s the case for you, but at least you know know. , my way is to direct them to the toilets. thanks anyway my friend :smiley:

Which part of "I am a happy user of" in the post immediately above yours did you NOT understand?

You’ve criticised someone for not posting a direct link to a download site when what they actually did was … post a direct link to a download site?