No download button


I can’t see to find a download button of sorts to download maps can anyone help me please?

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For images you will need to upload them to a site like these and paste the link they provide here so we can see it

Are you trying to download from this site If so, there is a ‘share’ icon at the right side that looks like a square with an arrow.

Tell us more about what program/app you are using and what you want to do with the maps you download.

I am using and am getting the same problem. I have used this site before, recently, and don’t recall any issues. So it seems to me that a download button that was there then has disappeared.


same problem here. No download button.

That site is down for now…
Try another provider site is very reliable.

Thanks for that. Looks like a good site but not sure what format I need to load into Mapsource for my Garmin 60CSX. I like that way the .nl site put the map into an installable .exe file. I was only using it a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully someone will resurrect it again soon. I have couple of months before I need it.

@PetefromRotorua You don’t need to use Mapsource. Just download an .img file and copy it directly to you gps into the garmin folder. Some gps use a map folder instead. There would be a help or faq section on that site to help if you prefer to do it another way.