No connection to *

recently i downloaded large map of Poland by software written i java for andnav2 (gps and map software for android).
Since than i cannot connetc to ant page * Is there any IP blocklist or something.
My os is linux, browsers firefox, opera, konqueror, and windows with firefox and opera.
It doesnt work from 2 different computers and os’es without any firewall.
I can connetc to it from different IP.

Any solution, please ?

Yes, it happens that the admins find out when someone is downloading large amounts of tiles in a short period (which is not the intended way of using the tile server!) and block the IP address from which the requests originate.

You can contact user TomH and request him to unblock your address.

Jabol, it might be worth considering rendering your own tiles from OSM data. Kosmos on Windows should do it for you. It also gives you the opportunity to add stuff like SRTM and render terrain - Kosmos does this stuff without hassle.


Thanks for the answer. Can You point me to some linux app or wiki/faq on how to get start rendering my own OSM data.
Thanks in advance

PS. Lambertus i can’t find any TomH user. Could you provide me with his mail address or something ? maybe in PM no to spam.


Here is a link with more links about rendering:

I myself have used Osmarender (easy to start with), and mapnik (harder to get started, but worth it). Both on Linux (Debian in my case),