Nice to meet you all!

Hi everybody,

I am new to OpenStreetMap, I registered today and I just did the tutorial. I never used OSM before, and it looks to be a very nice tool and open mechanism to involve lots of people in mapping elements to maps. Maybe it’s the best method to keep a map updated.

Furthermore I am a software developer, and I did, for my bachelor in Computer Science thesis project, a RoR project. It wasn’t so complex as OSM is, but it taght to me how RoR works and how great Ruby language is.

I found OSM on because I want to start contributing to open source projects, and since I love Rails and Ruby, I would like to start contributing on a project written in the same language and framework.

I am writing this post, first because I want to say hello to all the comunity and because I would like to receive some advises and suggestion to start contributing to OSM. What I expect to receive is ideas about how to choose the issues, or better, if there is someone that could give me some easy issues to start contributing would be great!

So, in the end my real name is Marian and I apologize for my poor English, and I hope we will collaborate a lot in the future!

Have a nice day!


I have moved your post to this thread, because I think it belongs here more.

You might be interested in looking at Top 10 list of the things to do in OSM:

I look for all kind of coders for default map style:

and if you like Rails, you might be inclined to work with website software:

Hi kocio!
Thanks for your suggestions! Looks like I have a huge range of development tasks to choose!
I will sift all of them, choose a first easy task and then maybe contact the referents if i have questions!
Thanks again and I hope to become a good contributor for OSM!
Have a nice day!