Hi Guys,

I have only been on OSM for a few weeks but have managed to map most of the town of Nhulunbuy and its surrounding roads. Luckily I had a whole stash of GPS tracks from previous rides. (http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=-12.2218608856201&layers=B000TFF&lon=136.764850616455&zoom=13)

The two things I am struggling with are the coastline and rivers. The Yahoo Maps aerials of the area are really poor so I can’t rely on them. I am not really keen to walk all the creeks, even if there wasn’t crocodiles.

Is there another useful source I can get the creeks from? They are pretty important for any map up here because some of the roads cross them so you want to know where they are in the wet season.

The other thing is the coastline. It doesn’t seem to update. I have moved the edge in some locations where known tracks are supposedly in the sea and the rendered map does not update (e.g. http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=-12.165116071701&layers=B000TFF&lon=136.765623092651&zoom=16)) any idea why this is?


The coastline on the Mapnik layer is only updated every few weeks or so. Just wait a bit longer and it all look correct.
The coast on Osmarender is updated more frequently, usually within a couple of days, so you can check that instead.