NHs have been deleted

In the last days I made corrections on the Nhs and mapped recently declared Nhs.

At least 5 time I found Nhs where parts have been deleted.
In 3 cases I made changeset comments (3 different mappers), but I didn‘t get an answer.
This is the last case :

The NH169 has been deleted in parts. The way has been deleted, but the nodes are still there.

Normally if you delete a way, the nodes are also deleted. I don‘t know why and how this was done.

I think, this is vandalism.

Obviously the 3 mappers don‘t read my changeset comments or the Indian forum.
These mappers are :
Greeshmag changeset 56605942 and 56628667
DivyaVijayan changeset 57241897
Tueny changeset 57169642

If anyone is in contact with them, please help that errors like this won‘t happen again.

Thanks for noting these Heinz_V. I’ve left some comments and written to a couple of them.

They all show a common pattern of working, dropping into an area, making a large number of often minor changes, in a lot of changesets. Some of the changes have been questionable, and I have raised some of these in my comments. The editing comments quite often do not reflect what is actually done.

Since yesterday (23.3.2018; 5:47) we have a new problem :
DivyaVijayan deleted part of NH27 in changeset 57443474.
Same case : way is deleted, nodes are still there.

31.3.2018 : Greeshmag deleted part of NH9 in changeset 5888941!!

21.3.2018 : Greeshmag deleted part of NH25 in changeset 57380719!!

I’ve left more editing comments on their edits today, and messaged them directly as well requesting an answer, and referring them to this topic as well. No response this far.

Was browsing through all their edits on osmcha and they mostly look ok.

Sometimes the roads look a little crude, but overall they seem to added quite a bit of missing roads to many rural areas. It doesnt feel like they are vandals and the deletions seem accidental.

Planemad: Please explain me, how it is possible in JOSM (which was used) to delete by accident a way but let the nodes untouched. And this by Newbies!!!

It is not acceptable to ignore changeset comments and to refuse communication with other mappers.

To the mapping quality : They don‘t know residential roads and make other errors of new mappers.

But deleting something by accident and then not correcting the own errors : that‘s an absolute NO-GO.

Yes, I can accept that the problems may be accidental or due to lack of understanding.

But they need to understand that they are working in a shared project, that communication is essential, and lack of response causes frustration.

PlaneMad wrote : „Was browsing through all their edits on osmcha and they mostly look ok.“

According to Bing,… , the position of the nodes/ways is acceptable.
Didn‘t you see that all streets are tagged as unclassified?

Since they work all over India, we now have thousands of residential roads which are tagged as unclassified.

Isn‘t there anybody who is able to contact them and help to avoid the errors???

Greehsmag deleted part of SH35 in changeset 57527266

Yesterday DivyaVijayan deleted a secondary road in changeset 57564824

Yesterday DivyaVijayan deleted a secondary road in changeset 57564641

Yesterday DivyaVijayan deleted part of the primary SH5 in changeset 57561659

16.3. : Tueny deleted a tertiary road in changeset 57209669
24.2. : Greeshmag deleted a secondary road in changeset 56628667

28.3.2018 : Greehsmag deleted part of SH169 in changeset 57599824

I have now issued a 48h block for these three users and asked them to at least read the changeset discussions they have attracted, and ideally explain themselves here.