Newer gmapbmap.img


I am still using old Mobile XT with OSM maps.

My gmapbmap.img file is from year 2007.

Is there any newer version of the basemap? [maybe from other devices (than XT) will also work]
(I tried google it, or search in the forums, but without success)…


Unless I’m not understanding what you want I must ask why you care about the basemap? It’s such a poor map that it’s almost useless. Just download a new map of the country or region you’re interested in, put it on your unit or a Micro-SD and forget about the basemap.

Yes, that’s true, that detailed maps are needed for routing.

But when zooming too far, for better overview of the route (and device is using basemap), then newer highways are not drawn (of course, the calculated route is displayed correctly).
It’s just the detail, it’s not influencing the routing or using of device… I wanted to have it more nice…