Newbie.Will we need to do planetary downloads for world wide searches?

Overpass search/download will be for select objects, for instance Amenity=townhall (approx. 110,000 in world according to OSM wiki) and Key:resource (entire key is 30,000 approx.). And a dozen other searches. We need all fields and geo data.

We want to be respectful of the OSM public servers, but wonder if they can handle worldwide searches, or would we have to do at continent level…but hopefully not country since too many. So is it possible to do it on public servers, or would we have to download planetary or continents at GeoFabrik site, and do it on ours with something like QuickOsm?

Or is there a commercial service where this would be easy and fast for a fee? Thanks.

EDIT Btw, not me doing it…I’m not a developer, and user-friendly Turbo eu doesn’t seem like it can handle it.

You already asked the same question here: