newbie to OSM - how to use

I’m new to OSM, I’ve checked before coming here that most of the tutorial/help are for those who’ll be editing the map, I’m not at that level yet (hopefully will be soon), and I’d like some very basic information on how to use it first; my current map is Here wego, the main reason I’m using it is I can download offline map, I think it’s possible for me to do the same with OSM, based on my reading, it seems the best app for Linux is Cruiser, if I use Cruiser, I’ll have to change to browser or I can use Cruiser on/off line? I’ve found this forum for help, is there any other one?
ps: I’m using MX Linux on a laptop and Android on a cell phone (I don’t have GPS/internet on my phone, that’s why offline map will be very useful), the main use at the moment is to map walking/driving route.

What might help people to answer here is to provide a bit more detail about what you want to use OSM for and where you want to use it. People use OSM for all sorts of things - “vehicle navigation” is one, but others might include “visualising power networks in Outer Mongolia”. Similarly “Linux” could include everything from desktop PCs and servers to small embedded devices, tablets and phones.

Thanks for your tips, I’ve updated my OP.