Newbie questions.

Sorry about this I have poured over the wiki and the user guides but I have come to a stop.
I surveyed my first road with a GPS. Uploaded the track .gpx file fine. I have done the edit and description in JOSM and uploaded the result…I think.
My little effort is not appearing on the map online in either the Mapnlk or the Osmarender choices in
I have read the bit on but no luck. I am not sure how to view the tile itself with /dirty
I also tried the informationfreeway web page but again I dont know how to choose the tile as its not shown and there is no where that says what zoom level I am at to set zoom level 12.
I think I must be missing something very basic. At the moment I don’t even know if I have uploaded the edit ok. Any help appreciated.

How long ago did you upload your edits? If you wait a few hours longer, it will probably appear.

To view the tile by itself, you can right click on the map, and choose “View image” (at least you can in Firefox, other browsers may be different). You can then add on /dirty to the address.
Its also worth trying a shift+refresh while viewing the tile by itself, in case you are looking at a cached version.

For informationfreeway, it should have the zoom level in the bottom right corner, next to the latitude/longitude. When you get to zoom 12, you should get a box which lets you select the tile.

Thank’s for the reply Vclaw. I think I must have been a bit eager to see the results. It was a few hours ago at least. It has now turned up using all of your suggestions.

A tip for the future: to check that your edit has been committed you can use the data overlay. It is always up to date, whereas the tiles get quite stale quite quickly (although as many of them being updated as often as they are represents a remarkable achievement in itself).

Thanks for that Alex. I just tried and the data overlay only seems to give a list of objects but doesnt show whats been edited.

A list of objects? It should overlay them on the map using an OpenLayers vector layer. If you click the object it can give you history etc.