newbie question on admin_levels

Hi all,

I’ve been exploring the wonders of OSM and QGIS and data visualization and it has been like discovering a new planet: marvelous and overwhelming.

My goal is to visualize election results by polling station boundaries in Serbia. I understand that these boundaries do not exist in OSM for Serbia, but admin_level=9 and admin_level=10 are close enough for what I need. My problem is linking the database with election results to the fields in QGIS. I’ve imported the admin_levels from OSM. But the data does not contain a link to the higher admin_level, which is a problem because many levels do not have unique names, so I need to see to what municipality a certain field belongs to. I would assume that this should be fairly straightforward as I assume they are all linked in order to display OSM. So obviously I must be doing something wrong.

So the short question is: how can I link admin_level 9 to admin_level 8 in a spreadsheet so that I can link it to my list of polling stations.

Thanks in advance!


Are there existing items on for your boundaries with admin_level=9 and =8?

You could ask in OSM Serbia forum. There are people who are very experienced in using OSM data.