Newbie question - convert point to area?

I created a point, added data and later understood that an area would have been better.
I created an area, copied in the same tags from the point and then deleted the point.

Is there a simple way to change an existing point into an area, so that all the tags can be preserved?

In the JOSM editor there is an item under “more tools” called “replace geometry” (not sure if I have it because of a plug-in or not). You select the point and the polygon and then do the “replace geometry” and it moves the tags from the point to the polygon and removes the point.

I don’t know if the other editors have that feature or not, but it is useful when replacing points (addresses, amenities, etc.) with the same contained within a building.

On JOSM, you can do copy on the point and then paste tags on the area. You still have to delete the attributes individually from the point, unless you completely remove the point. (I prefer to keep the point as, for example, the entrance.)

It’s not possible yet in “iD” (the editor that you were using), but is being talked about: