Newbie Problem: Integrating OSM Data in PostgreSQL

Hello OSM Community,
I am trying to generate maps using Mapnik and OSM data.

What I already have achieved:

  • Python is up and running. Python is integrated into IDE Eclipse.
  • Mapnik is up and running. I was able to already create the first maps using the data shipped with Mapnik.
  • PostgreSQL is up and running. I created the database osmdata using pgAdminIII and I replace the word md5 by trust in pg_hba.conf

The problem:

  • I am trying to integrate osm data in PostgreSQL using osm2pgsql. If I run the command
osm2pgsql -S -d osmdata -C 2048 alps.osm.bz2

I get the following error:

Using projection SRS 900913 (Spherical Mercator)
Setting up table: planet_osm_point
Hint: Table »planet_osm_point« doesnt exist, skipping
Hint: Table »planet_osm_point_tmp« doesnt exist, skipping
SELECT AddGeometryColumn('planet_osm_point', 'way', 900913, 'POINT', 2 );
failed: ERROR: Function addgeometrycolumn(unknown, unknown, integer, unknown,
integer) doesnt exist
LINE 1: SELECT AddGeometryColumn('planet_osm_point', 'way', 900913, ...

Error occurred, cleaning up

Thanks for your help
Greetings from Passau, Germany


You didn’t add PostGIS to your database.