newbie (or socket puppet?) shredding admin boundaries in Iran


a “new” user is doing a lot errors - all with your admin boundaries.


we were unable to fix that. i think the best is a full revert of all of his changes. please ask DWG to do this.

Btw: he added new admin boundaries with admin_level=1 (one) too.

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Hi Walter,

Thank you for the heads up, Navid posted this topic in our Admin chat group, thank him, admins are taking this issue under consideration. We’ll post the updates here later.

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Navid informed amin_najafi via our chat group in Telegram and asked him to stop editing and recommended to read and watch some training materials, hopefully we’ll not see more bad edits from him, and I emailed DWG to revert his changes.

Please do comment on the problem changesets - those messages will be emailed to the user and will also appear at .

Sosha, one of Iranian Community Chat Group Admins, commented on one of amin_najafi changesets, Changeset: 68947150, but as I mentioned previously, Navid already talked with the user and informed him and he will not do this kind of wrong edits any more, the problem is, we are not able to revert his changes and this must be done by data group.

Do you know what the problem was? Is the problem that you don’t know how to, or the area has been edited since, or something else? I’m sure we’ll be able to help whatever the problem is, but we’ll be need to find out what the problem is first.

If the problem is that the area has been edited since then we won’t necessarily be able to do a “clean revert” of their changes, and will need to know how best to leave it.

What would be really helpful would be some specifics in the changeset comments - none of the comments at say “relation XYZ has been deleted and needs to be undeleted” - they just say “there are problems with this changeset”.

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Andy Townsend, on behalf of OSM’s Data Working Group.

Another week’s gone and we still have no more information here. We’d like to help, but in the absence of knowing what the problem is and what needs to be done to fix it we won’t be able to help.

Best Regards,

Andy Townsend, on behalf of OSM’s Data Working Group.

Hello dear Andy. sorry for late response. i will try to provide information as much as i can.
relation 6558418:
till version 2 every thing was fine. in version 3 amin_najafi changed admin_level to 1 ! changed the name.that’s where lot of other problems starts. boundaries , ways and relation got removed by amin_najafi.
relation 6556957:
in changeset he removed this boundary :
which this was wrong.
relation 6556957:
just check this relation history and you will realize the problem. he removed this which wrong and problematic. he changed it a lot and finally removed it! this is obvious that he didn’t know what he was doing , i started to getting in touch with him and he approved this too. he was trying to add Parand boundary but he didn’t knew how to do that which caused all this mess.
lot more boundary has been destroyed by him which is hard for me to detect their changeset …
sorry for my bad english…

Thanks. What I’d suggest doing is to comment on individual changesets to explain what specifically is the problem with each one (e.g. “here you changed admin_level=8 to admin_level=1; please don’t do that because admin_level=1 implies higher than a country”).

There are some comments that can be seen at but they mostly say things like “Unfortunately, there are a lot of problems with this, and your changes have led to the disappearance of an important part of the map data that is related to the political boundaries. Please pay more attention” (i.e. with no information about what is actually wrong).

In order to get the boundaries correct again I’d suggest that you just edit them as best you can - a revert is unlikely to be an option as there will have been other edits in the area.