Newbie - how to make large maps offline available


I am a enjoying the use of OSM when i am online, but i was wondering if I can use the service offline. I will be travelling from New York to Miami and would love to have a streetmap on my EEEPC with WinXP (I use Kubuntu at work but I am still fond of many things that are easier with Windows ).
I already downloaded a osm file on my external disk for the state of New York, but JOSM tells me the file cannot be loaded because only 64 MB are reserved for JOSM. With Mercatoor the file will be loaded, but at whole - that means 3 GB in Working memory and takes ages to open.

With which tool can I query an OSM file only on certain extracts or make such large maps easily visible?

I was thinking about installing little-OSM but it seems that only Linux is supported …

Thanks for your support!


Both JOSM and Merkaator don’t seem like the best solution for loading an entire US state just to look at it. Unless you want to also be able to edit the data I suggest you look at one of the routeplanners to guide you during your trip. Gosmore is certainly capable of handling the amount of data and I guess Pyroute would too. You can find more about these in the wiki. Also look at the routing wiki page, tons of interesting stuff there.

BTW: You can load more data into a JAVA application like JOSM by starting it with a special commandline option. E.g. the following command will give 1GB to JOSM:

java -Xmx1024m -jar josm-latest.jar

Thanks Lambertus for your reply. Unfortunately Gosmore will not install properly on WinXP. I downloaded After extracting and starting gosmore.exe an alert shows up “cannot read gosmore.pak - you can (re)build it from the planet file”. I looked up that phrase but couldn’t find any further advice.

Is there a work around or other tools?


Gosmore is installed properly, you just need to build a database for it from OSM data (the PAK file is it’s database). What you need to do is to download the OSM data (or extract it from a planet file) for the area that you’re interested in and convert the OSM data using ‘gosmore rebuild’. If this area is an entire US state then I suggest you go here, there are readymade state extracts available.

Thanks. I kind of feel dumb but i cannot find a documentation for windows for gosmore.
I downloaded a bzip2 file from cloudmade and extracted it - first using 7zip later with bzip2.
If I use

gosmore rebuild new_york.osm or
gosmore build new_york.osm

or any other command line argument I always get

Well i believe there is no pipe in windows cmd or is there? I tried it anyways but without luck.

There is a little info about building a database and about windows on the Gosmore wiki page.

[…deleted some nonsense…]

Will you also report back if it worked, so the wiki page can be updated? Thanks in advance.

I would like to give a postive answer but this does not work either … i think the “>” is not the “|” pipe, but does the same as in a shell - write standard output to a file - in this example gosmore. - shows all symbols for windows - nice to know but the same as in linux…

neither < nor | nor > work …

Oops, big oops on my part… sorry about that.

So let’s try something else: do you have a linux machine somewhere? Perhaps you can create the database file there and copy it to Windows. As long as both versions are 32bit or both are 64bit and use the same endianness then that might work.

Alternatively, you can also have a look at any of the other routing applications on the page that I mentioned before or even Kosmos.

I’ll see if I can rebuild the image for you later to day.

GPSSC ver 8 can load fairly large maps in the Track Editor view.

It’s not as pretty as the online maps but worth a look and runs on XP.

There’s some sample screen shots at


Another alternative ist to install Garmins MapSource Version 6.13.7(!!!) Then download any Map and install it. MapSource has no Memory-Problem! Do not update MapSource, otherwise the maps will not work!

btw I did build it for New York, I can sedn it to you if you want.

Hi guys,

I also couldn’t get it to work under windows (vista32):

D:\Programme\dev\OSM\gosmore>gosmore.exe build bw.osm
Cannot read gosmore.pak
You can (re)build it from
the planet file e.g. bzip2 -d planet-...osm.bz2 | gosmore.exe rebuild

where bw.osm is directly in the same folder as gosmore. :confused:

Additional question:
How to make gosmore.exe output the calculated route?

Simply call the exe with the coords behind ?

In the end I want to make the data accessible through the web:

Is there another way than setting the QUERY_STRING environment variable ?

Best Regards,

Rebuild the Gosmore db using the rebuild not build :wink:

Nope, you have to use the QUERY_STRING environment variable

Have you found already? That site is using Gosmore as the routing backend.


Hello Lambertus,

I also tried it with ‘rebuild’ and by piping, no success. I’ll try it on a UbuntuVM now, as it may be a windows issue.

Best Regards,

So i got it almost working in a VM (Ubuntu 8.04) (all packages installed) but receive an error:

jars@jars-desktop:~/Desktop/OSM/gosmore$ bzip2 -d bw.osm.bz2 | ./gosmore rebuild 
  1 while (xmlTextReaderRead (xml))
:1: parser error : Extra content at the end of the document


At that point the program hangs and I have to exit it with CTRL+C
The bw.xml ends with the tag:


Note: I’m not working with the complete planet.osm, but with a small part: ‘’. May this be the problem?

2nd question: Is the output of ( ) the same that I can expect in my installation of gosmore? (So I can already start writing a parser)

Best Regards,

use “bzip2 -dc” instead

Thx, I think I got it working (?):

486 for (pairs = 0; pairs < PAIRS && s2grp < S2GROUP (0) + S2GROUPS; )
487 for (pairs = 0; pairs < PAIRS && s2grp < S2GROUP (0) + S2GROUPS; )
488 for (pairs = 0; pairs < PAIRS && s2grp < S2GROUP (0) + S2GROUPS; )
489 for (pairs = 0; pairs < PAIRS && s2grp < S2GROUP (0) + S2GROUPS; )
490 for (pairs = 0; pairs < PAIRS && s2grp < S2GROUP (0) + S2GROUPS; )
491 for (unsigned i = 0; i < cycleNet.size (); i++)
492 while (fread (&ndWrite, sizeof (ndWrite), 1, pak) == 1)
493 for (int i = 0; i < IDXGROUPS; i++)
./gosmore is in the public domain and comes without warrantee

And there is a gosmore.pak created. :slight_smile:

Should this be updated in the wiki ?

Best Regards,

No, the gosmore.php wraps the csv output from Gosmore into a generic web format (KML).

Yes, the Gosmore database rebuild was successfully completed.

If you will, please.

Verstehe ich das ganze richtig?

Es ist keinem hier gelungen, unter Window das gosmore.pak zu erzeugen?

Der Umweg über Linux erscheint mir etwas kompliziert!