Newbie Help Please


Totally new to OSM and need a bit of help please. Although I’ve already downloaded the Generic Routable (new style) of the UK map and loaded it into Basecamp I’m also trying to select tiles to download but am unable to? I’ve Enabled manual tile selection but when I click on the tile nothing happens except that I can drag the map around. Am I doing something wrong?



better aks here:

and be more specific. your question is like " I bought a computer and it does not run".


I can select tiles with the left mouse button. I can also select tiles by keeping the left mouse button pressed and drawing a rectangle.

Sorry, thought I’d explained my problem… On the Free maps for Garmin brand GPS devices page I’m trying to download certain tiles in the UK but although the Enable manual tile selection is ticked I cannot select a tile on the map with a left click of my mouse. When I left click the cursor changes to a cross but does not select the tile, if I move the mouse whilst left clicking the map moves also?

Dear friends,

A live satellite view only seems available in the editing mode. Also, it looses the street names in this mode. Is there a way to have such live satellite view and maintain the street names at the same time? Many thanks to all of you who can help.


I don’t understand how this relates to the question about Garmin maps.

Anyway, we don’t have access to any live satellite views. Only a few governments have that, and they’re not going to let the general public see the feeds.