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being new to this whole project. How do you indicate camp grounds on the map? I have been tracing my routes for years. And have them saved in several formats. I have started with the Trails on the TMTC property , Barnwell mountain Texas. I need to add one camp ground that can handle motor homes, and others that are primative.

Jim E.

I should have worded my question better. I see the drag and drop icons on the bottom of the edit screen. how do I add the ones in the provided link?

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There’s no need to use the drag and drop icons, they’re only there for convenience.
Just double click where you want to add the camp and then click the little plus symbol in the bottom right hand corner to add tags then type in the tags you want to use. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the help. i like the thought of open source (maps or software). The project I a working on is; adding the trail maps for Barnwell Mountain Texas , I have been tacking them for several years with different gps. and now would like use them with MotionX on the Iphone… I have them all as way points and tracks, but It would be nice to see a track in relation to other trails.

I have most of the trails posted now, but the access road through the property only shows when I zoom in.

here i alink to what I have tried in the past.

Jim E

Another question, I am using the map on an Iphone running MotionX GPS. The trails show up fine at most zoom levels. How ever the main access road does not always render completely . some times I have to zoom in, until the road appears then zoom back out. Is this some thing I did in drawing the maps? any suggestions ?.

Can you give a link to the area? Maybe the area needs purging.

Thanks Hope this helps .
Jim E

This is due to Mapnik tiles rendering process. After saving your edits in the OSM database, it takes one or two minutes until the changes are replicated in the Mapnik database. Then Mapnik tiles server will request a new rendering only when someone is requesting the specific tiles (with the web browser). If the amount of current requests is too high, the request for your tile is queued. That’s why you might see the new tile a little bit later (zooming in/out doesn’t help more than refreshing the browser cache).