New user in South Oxfordshire

Hello all,

I have recently purchased a Garmin 705, I found this site as a good source of free maps for the device.

Upon looking I have found that most of my village and the one next door were unmapped, hopefully they are now complete as I have spent several hours sorting those out.

Belated welcome, Lethalfrog.
I, too, am in South Oxfordshire, currently mapping villages and paths around Henley-on-Thames, then into Henley itself, using a Garmin Legend HCx.
What area do you plan to cover?


I’m new to this, although have been chirping away around the Blewbury, Didcot, Wallingford, Goring, and Checkendon. I did get into Henley the other day as well. I’m mainly interested in cycling so have concentrated on those routes unless obvious.

I’m not there too much, although have just spent a month there. I grew up in Blewbury and my parents are still there. As a cyclist I do get very frustrated with the island that Blewbury is for cyclists, the only ways out are along busy roads, footpaths (illegally), and bridleways (ruined by horses). But I guess, by the sounds of things, you don’t have the same issues!

Happy mapping!

Well done guys and welcome to the project.
If you use mailing lists, please take a look at the Oxfordshire & Cotswolds list.