new user: How downloaded OSM file(s) convert into the gmapsupp.img

Hello, I’m fresh new user, just getting my ideas about this great project.
I downloaded maps of region as OSM but my garmin device needs
to have gmapsupp.img.
Am I suppose to convert OSM or download something else ?
If you have patience please guide me thru or send me a link,
there are loads of info I’m a bit comfused where to start
Thanks a lot !

This DC Rainmaker guide probably works for most Garmin devices
There are many sites that provide gmapsupp.img files to copy onto device into a directory called garmin.
You can make gmapsupp.img files yourself for small downloads of .osm data files using mkgmap as mentioned in the above link but with so many providers doing this for you and providing a simple download you needent go to so much trouble unless you have a special requirement.

thank you, I’ll check your info
I just need typical files transfe into gps

to: nevw
if you could bear with me 1 more time ?
I’ve got file gmapsupp but it doesn’t have img extension …
should I rename it and add .img or leave the way it is ?

I suppose that your computer is set to not display the file extension. It should be ok as it is, unless it is a zip (compressed archive file) in which case you need to unzip it first. Do yourself a big favour and find out how to display the extentions as this will be recurring problem and annoyance.

It is best not to overwrite any gmapsupp that is on the the internal memory unless you are sure that is not needed.
Instead, buy a sd/micro sd card and create a Garmin directory on it to put any new maps you have into that directory and leave all the files that came with the device on internal memory alone. An 8 or 16gb sd card will be all you need. In time you may need to create a gpx folder on it to to put the gpx tracks you create into. Some Garmin devices use a Map folder instead of the Garmin folder.
My etrex only saves the gpx files it creates on the internal memory so that is all i need to get from there occassionally - every thing else i do on the sd card as far iirc.

The manual for your device should be in a folder called documents.

You might find this useful

And this forum

The Garmin support site is good for a search too
All the cards I have bought seem be be ok straight from the shop.

Greatly appreciate your help !
everything works fine now!
Wish you pleasent trips wherever you go even without GPS :sunglasses: