New user "building=yes" edits

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I’m currently reverting a series of edits in Thailand where someone seems to be trying to map buildings, but their approach seems to be “draw lots of closed ways, then select everything in the edit window and apply building=yes to it”. Unfortunately “everything in the edit window” includes all nodes, and other stuff such as roads. They’re using JOSM, which is probably not wise until they’ve got the hang of things a little more.

My initial reverts began at , and are still going (after about a day). An initial block was ignored so I’ve blocked again in . Previous attempts by a mapper to get in touch via changeset discussion comments didn’t work either - .

When the current revert has completed I’ll revert their changes since my initial block, and then try and get in contact again.

Needless to say, if anyone has any idea how to get in contact with this user I’m all ears!

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Andy - I wonder if they are related to the work carried out on building mapping by people in Mara Sarakham University.
(see thread
We never heard anything from them.

Anyway, I have just had my girl send onee1234 a private message in Thai basically saying ALL his work is being deleted and to call her phone if he needs to understand why. Blunt and to the point. If he does reply, I might ask Mishari to phone him once I have a contact.

Thanks to you & Didier for spotting this and getting involved.

Thanks - I hadn’t noticed until now. The revert of “building=yes on every node” is still ongoing, by the way…

Also see about a HOT OSM project.
That pond is still a building. Some overlapping buildings were corrected, and have “name=Building”.
I do not know how they are related to your case.

OK, the last of the most recent “building=yes on a node” changesets is complete in . I haven’t looked at the earlier issue ( ) yet, and I haven’t looked for any exceptions that might have been missed (or by other users using the same flawed logic).

I’ve just done a post-revert tidy on roads that still had building=yes on nodes (which happened when they started re-adding them while the revert was still happening). There are still some rogue building=yes nodes on area=yes objects that are probably buildings, but these need properly reviewing. Ends in 1 day and after the user has logged in.

This suggests they may have given up, at least for now, but we’ll keep an eye on future edits. The problem with new users’ use of JOSM is that without adequate training it’s like giving a machine gun to a toddler - bad things can happen very fast.

They’ve edited again, and seem to have got the message about not add building=yes to every selected object. They’re still not using sensible changeset comments, and there are more than a few building/road and building/building overlaps.

I’ve blocked them again saying essentially “please get in touch” at but would be grateful if people more familiar with the areas edited could see if there are any other problems that I haven’t spotted.