New UK website: Land Explorer (Mapbox/ OSM/ open data)

Hi everyone,

Shared Assets is a social enterprise set up to support people using land for the common good. We identified lack of access to quality information as a barrier facing these people, and designed Land Explorer to help overcome it ( Land Explorer combines information from OSM with open data from the UK government (via Mapbox hosting). It focuses on providing the information people need, on things like the potential for agriculture, planning restrictions, flood risk, and ownership information.

This is very much a first version and we have loads of ideas for further developments, adding both features and more data. We’d love to get people playing with it, and giving us some feedback. We also set up a feedback form here:

We’re also really interested in how we can add to OSM. I’d really like to chat with someone in the know about this, so if anyone has time and interest please let me know. We’re releasing all the code for this on GitHub and we want to add to the community wherever possible.



Tom it is rather unlikely that you will get direct input from UK based contributors here, I would suggest subscribing to the UK mailing list: