New type of camera

As proposed previously (For some reason Israel is not included in the list) there are several types of cameras in Israel in addition to the regular speed cameras:
Red light cameras (Red colored, used by the police)
In-car abuse detection (Cell phones, coffee and all other abusive behaviour, used by the police) - should have “range” field because this camera can cover a pretty wide area and take pictures from few hundreds of meters.
Traffic cameras (Used by the local municipality for traffic control)

Red light: Shfeiya junction (Road 70) From East to West and vice versa.

In-car abuse detection: Fureydis junction (On a tall pole between all the other lighting poles, southern of road 70, to the east from road 4), Before Zikhron junction driving south (A pole between the trees and the other lighting poles).

Traffic cameras: Before the southern exit from Haifa, sharing a high pole with a traffic ligh AFAICR.

There was such proposal before but it doesn’t look promising so far:

Red light cameras:

In-car abuse (There are several types):
There’s another dome type camera which I couldn’t find any reference to.

Traffic cameras: