New to OSM, need to know the difference

Hello everyone,
Firstly, thanks for all the work that has been done in order to get the OSM to where it is now.
I have only been using for a short time and so far my user experiance is great.
I am using the mapping with in a Garmin enviroment, both for cycling and walking.
My question is, what is the differeance between the Garmin Openfietsmap Lite (latin1) and Garmin Openfietsmap Full (latin1)?
I guess the answer is in the name but I can not see any difference when i use either on my Garmin units.

  • Full version includes: All bicycle related features | Buildings, landuse features | Contour lines (10 m interval) | Shaded relief (desktop version)
  • Light version includes: All bicycle related features | Limited buildings | Limited landuse features | No contour lines | No shaded relief
    Source: (look at Downloads - Benelux). Comparable map styles are used for ‘Openfietsmap’ maps from other sources.

The Light or Lite map versions have a smaller footprint and ask less of the sometimes limited hardware resources of older Garmin devices. For navigating there is no difference between the Lite or Full version because both versions contain the same roads with all their properties.