New to etrex touch and cant get new map to work..

Hi friends and best wishes for a splendid new year…
Just bought a new Garmin Etrax Touch. :slight_smile:
I have included a new SD card, generated a new map fromOpenStreetMAP, unzipped and downloaded the GMAPSUPP file to the SD card in a folder called Garmin.
Now what then?? Can’t see the map on the Garmin ? Cant config?
What do I miss?

Best regards

What manual do you follow?


Hi, a few possibilities.
The sd card should be formatted to fat32, the file should be unzipped and gmapsupp.img (or you can rename to something unique) and in the garmin folder.
Have you gone to the setup page > map and ‘enabled’ only the new map on the ‘Map information Select Map’ tab.
Also, be careful that the sd card is locked in by the latch correctly as a loose latch can shut it down while in use.

Thanks for help… :slight_smile:
The card is FAT32 , file is unzipped and named gmapsupp.img, file is into the garmin folder on the SD card, which is accessable from a laptop via the usp connection…

The map doesn’t appear in the setup/map/configure maps, so can’t enable map… ??

Do I miss some settings somewwhere?

According to userguide it should be straight away… ??

Try to delete the “.” dot on the end

It may help to download from javawa the device manager and see if it identifies a problem.
I would then try another map provider and try one of their Garmin suitable osm maps and also read the instructions on that page to check if you have missed something.

What you did sounds correct and works on my Oregon.
AFAIK the Etrex 30 has some limits, maybe your gmapsupp.img is too large or contains unicode character set which might not be supported by the device.


The openmtbmap has a bit of info on unicode and garmin devices

Hi… And all thanks for help…
The javawa is a great tool… :slight_smile:
So the new map is named “OSM Generic routable” in the Configure Map menu on the Etouch. So far so good…
Now with this map as only enabled I can in 50km level see the cutout of the map I initially downloaed from Openstreet. However when zooming in on the map area I have downloaded, I can only see what appears as symbols for “houses” or alike?

So we are making progress…
However any ideas what next step could be … :slight_smile:

Regards Svend

Hmm, confusing complete…
Tried a new download. This time with 4 section in the Andalusia area… Mapsize is 35MB… (and this time I got a useable map :-)…)
First time I downloaded a map was one single section and size was 588 MB. (I recall I did same procedure??)
Obviously I doing something wrong here??
Any clue??

I am not familiar with the area but all of Spain is 559 MB.
I normally just use the manual selection method to just get what I need and rarely there is a problem, so I suggest trying that if don’t need an entire country.

OK. Then my first download apparently was something wierd… :slight_smile:
Thanks for all your help…
Brgds and alll wishes for a splendid new year…