New tags not showing


Is there something wrong or didn’t I just get it? I added some nodes and tags, but when I clicked “view”, it looks like I did nothing. When I go back to “edit”, my additions are there, just like them should…
Is there some kind of delay on this or something else wrong with either me or the system?

The main map is re-created only once a week, but your timing is good because it’s updated on Wednesday night / Thursday morning. You should see your changes tomorrow.

There are several alternative layers to show the main. There should be a “+” on the top right of the map. If you click Osmarender, you get a different version that updates more often but it’s less polished.

It’s worth checking the FAQ on the Wiki to learn more about how OSM works.


Thank you!

I actually just managed to find that info. It seems that there are quite many different places to search in when looking for answers… :sunglasses: