New tag for bicycle_parking - how to document?

The wiki on bike parking says

I would, but just want to check with people that this isn’t dangerously presumptious. Are there norms to follow before changing the wiki (and by implication, OSM practice generally?)

I want a tag for the planter bike rack that appeared in the UK relatively recently (pic here). Should I just go ahead and add ‘=planter’ to the wiki?

My hesitation is that it may be better to avoid a million tag variants: should I approximate with ‘=stands’ instead?

For me it is clearly bicycle_parking=stands. Planter tag may be added to tag that it is also present.

It seems that planters are not widely tagged so far, if it would be confirmed you may invent a new tag.

I would tag it as

amenity=bicycle_parking + bicycle_parking=stands + capacity=2 + covered=no + man_made=planter + wikimedia_commons=File:Image_that_I_uploaded_to_make_clear_what_is_tagged_here

I think it is better than adding bicycle_parking=planter, =planter_with_wall_loops, =bilboard, =bilboard_with_wall_loops etc for every new combination (especially as =planter is not making clear that it is stand combined with a planter rather than wheelbender combined with a planter)

I concur with everything Mateusz says. use stands and add a man_made tag for the planter. If this a particular brand or make then it may be worthwhile adding that too.

Great, thank you both.

I would use ‘plant_container’ instead of ‘planter’ … :wink:

If you, or somebody else could make a picture of such ‘plantlock’, and then upload it to Wikimedia Commons, then, that picture is ‘free’ (of licenses) to put it then on Key:bicycle_parking page, with comment(description) , so that it can be used … :wink:

Not very ambiguous at all. Planter as a person is fairly outmoded in English now as it was principally used in colonial times. We don’t map people.

We don’t map movable machinery either.

Pretty much the common term which people use for these things in spoken English is planter. A plant container is not ambiguous either it might be anything from a flower pot to a standard industrial intermodal container ( containing machinery (“plant”) (which come to think of it I can think of several locations where such things exist, although I hasten to add I wouldn’t use such tags).

Probably more importantly planter already has more widespread usage on OSM (as both barrier=planter, man_made=planter & planter_box).

That ‘widespread usage’ in OSM does not make it ‘holy’ in my opinion … same ‘thing’ with ‘pavement’ … luckily one is free to choose which one wants to use , and i stick with ‘plant_container’ … :stuck_out_tongue:

The widespread use means that many mappers agree on a certain way of mapping objects.
Mapping it in a different way makes you an outlier, who are often not very popular.

‘many’ mappers are like a ‘herd’, just ‘following’ what ‘some’ have decided … and sometimes those ‘some’ were wrong(in the past) in what should be the ‘correct’ tagging of something … it is like a ‘snowball-effect’ … therefore, i made a topic about ‘suggestions’ what a ‘thing’ should best be named/tagged … maybe such topic could have a ‘sticky’ here on ‘general chat’ or something ?

whatever … i am not a ‘go with the herd’ guy …

Tag now documented:

whatever … i stick with logic and reality … a container with plant(s) in it, is a plant container … simple as that … :stuck_out_tongue:

If in such case, since maybe the word ‘Plantlock’ has a license or something , i would use ;
amenity=bicycle_parking +

Phew - thanks for all replies - and Happy Christmas everyone!