New Subdivision

Hi! The subdivision I live in is relatively new. I added where I think the streets are, relative to the nearby developed land, but it would be so much easier if the satellite photo was:) updated. Should I just continue on mapping as best I can or is there anyway to have the photo of this neighborhood updated to include the newer construction?

OSM does not own ANY kind of satellite or aerial imagery.
What OSM editors show as a background is all just donated by the respective owners. In most parts of the world this is from Bing, which has kindly given OSM permission to use its imagery for editing purposes. However, neither you nor anyone in OSM has any kind of influence on what imagery is provided or when/if it is updated.

You should rather not draw approximately without any reference. Remember that you can still collect GPS traces.

Thank you, Poempelfox_forum and RicoElectrico.

I will look into how to “Collect GPS traces.” If you have any suggestions on “GPS traces,” please do not hesitate to inform me. Thank you :slight_smile: