New Style ???

Hi everyone,

I want to know what the difference between the old and the new style ???

I make maps for my Goldwing GL 1800 but I can chose the maps color whit the old style but NOT (except yellow) fot the new style…


SerGoy from Quebec Canada

You will have to mention which application you use to create the map and from where you downloaded the map data before you will get an helpful answer.

The situation is even more muddled than the Moderator indicates. The moderator is correct as far as the answer goes.

To shine a candle on this problem. The GPS receiver is a rebranded and presumably customized Garmin GPS receiver in a Honda Goldwing GL 1800 motorcycle. From some web-searching, I could determine that much and that Garmin gsuppmap.img files are used. Another problem is determining what SerGoy means by style. It may not be what mkgmap means by style; on the other hand, it might be. SerGoy needs to provide the model year of the motorcycle as at least two different receivers have been used by Honda with either CF and SD cards.

As there are sources for prebuilt garmin maps (e.g., Free maps for Garmin brand GPS devices from OpenStreetMap, SerGoy may have availed an already built Garmin map image. In which case, asking SerGoy from where was the mapdata availed and what software was used to build the gmapsupp.img is pointless and not pertinent. If fact, looking at that website, what SerGoy may be asking is what is the difference between Generic Routable and Generic Routable (new style). If so; then, that question is answered here.

By making major assumptions, the website probably provides the answer SerGoy seeks.

One of the problems seems to be that Garmin map users somehow think that this forum is exclusively for Garmin map users, even before they consider exactly which version of the maps they are using. As a result they ask questions missing lots of vital information, including that their issue relates to Garmin maps and not to OSM itself. That probably reflects a problem in the documentation that pointed them to the forum.

I assume that SerGoy refers to the difference between “Generic routable” and “Generic Routable (new style)” on this page:

The “Generic Routable” map is created with the mkgmap default style , the “Generic Routable (new style)” is a modification,
the source is here:
It is maintained by ligfietser aka Minko, see

One small problem: One never knows exactly what version of the styles is used.