New style of rendering on the slippy map

I have noticed that the style has changed.

My question is should the new style claim copyright by OSM on each road except for a few where the is (c) marked for a user. Also, I’m quite sure that the copyright is given by the rendering machine for the user as in one case I have seen very unlickely (c) (Username) as I submitted nearly all the data.

I understand how each tile could claim copyright. I don’t think however the streets are overlayed onto a background. Therefore it would apear as if users and OSM are claiming copyright on the layout of roads which other users may have contributed to using raw data and ways etc. Also I didn’t think that the data had the convential copyright. I though it was CC.

The copyright displays the name of the last person to edit that road. So it doesn’t take into account who the creater is, and who less rescent contributers are, if they have been edited recently by somebody else.

I personally thourght that it looks like the copyright is talking about the rendered road. In fact the render is t@h, while the data is what is CC.

Either way, I think its pointless. Credit could be in each tiles metadata, but it doesn’t need to be on the map. A map has to be the most efficient use of graphics as possible, adding (C)'s everywhere is a waste of space, and adds clutter