New street has different shape color for different zoom level

Dear OSM forum,

With the android app OsmAnd I have collected GPX file of a new street in Bali, Indonesia.
The street name is Jl. Taman Paradise
With JOSM I have used a preset for Highways/Streets/Tertiary to have correct tags.

I would like to know why on OSM my street is displayed with a gray color on specifics zoom level and yellow colors (which should be) on others zoom level?

Example of the road I added in gray
Example of the road I added in yellow

Thank you very much

Zoom Bali Staff

As an example, was changed from “highway=road” (grey) to “highway=tertiary” (yellow) and then “highway=unclassified” (white). Different versions are appearing at different zoom levels; eventually they will all catch up.

Thank you very much SomeoneElse your answer helped me to understand better OSM :smiley: