New satellite images

It looks like we have a new source of satellite images for Israel:

New layers can be easily enabled in JOSM in WMS/TMS plugin, layer name - “MapBox Satellite”.
Also in appear now in iD editor (Mapbox Satellite)

Feel free to share where the images are better than bing.

Happy mapping to all!

If you want to compare MapBox and Bing maps side by side do next:

Default number of maps: 2 (click save)
Default center: 34.8,32.1,8 (click save)
Tile server: Name: MapBox; URL: http://{switch:a,b,c}${z}/${x}/${y}.png (click save)
Map 1: Bing Satellite; Map 2: MapBox (click save)

And click on “Map Compare” on the page bottom.

All configuration is saved in cookies.

Do they provide completely different images for different resolutions?

Try zooming in from here:

I actually remembered Bing had a cloudy segment over there, but now I can’t find it.

I see that on some areas MapBox images are the same as Bing have.
Specially on your area - MapBox still has this huge cloud, so here Bing images are better.

You can try to submit request via to refresh images, but not sure this will happen soon :slight_smile:

Did anyone find notable regions that were superior to Bing imagery?

In the more detailed zoom levels, it unfortunately just shows an outdated version of BingSat. A shame, it has been years since BingSat has been updated for some really problematic areas (like eastern Petah Tikva).

Re Petah Tikva
Anyone have a quadcopter? :slight_smile:

thanks for the good explanation and example.

The best way to check the new images is on construction sites.

In my checks the bing sat- images from Bing are always newer or the same as mapbox.
In Eilat, BeerSheva, Yerushaliyim, Nes Ziyyona have better images in Bing than in mapbox.
Interesting, north of TelAviv the Mapbox satimages seem the same as Bing.