new Routing app ZANavi ... based on Navit

Hello all,

it seems that there is a special port of the navigation programm for portable Android devices (like already listed there: )

with the name ZANavi.

important features: real time vector rendered maps … and you can use it without any data connection when map data is preloaded once.

We even have an entry in teh OSM wiki at which is still a stub, but anybody can extend it.

After playing aroung with “native” Navit on Windows includin g manually edits of the famous navit.xml I must say that using ZANavi on my phone is a really pleasure.

You even have a menu where to pick map files for download.

So my most outstanding questions to a routing app are:

Does it support turn restrictions?
How does the entering of an address for destination work?

So anybody who is interested in offline based OSM navigation and routing on an android device can give it a try and maybe give feedback here …

I’ve just played around with Navit on a an android phone. Is there anything better with ZANavi? Do you still need to edit the xml file to configure the map file loacation?

As far as i wa able to explore the app and original Navit you don’t see navit.xml. at all if you want.

ZANavi seems to be pretty pre-configured, quite nice to handle.

And ZANavi’s map download file for Germany is only 459 MB at the moment, in opposite to 900 MB that appears for Germany in original Navit from Android Market.

Where does that difference come from?

And you always should consider what Navit version number exactly is used in each app.

Anyone find more differences?

That would be a real advantage if …

Most important, how/where does it look for map files? I always store them on the SD card preferable in a folder. Is it possible to locate maps via a setting GUI?

We can try to collect all howto information, bug reports and feature requests at the moment in the OSM wiki at

The author “zoff” has also set up a wiki at his own page … look at the OSM wiki to get there.

It seems that zoff is located in Germany, so I (or anybody else) will try to reach him vial email to lead him to the OSM wiki and maybe to this forum.

Good idea. I’ll help as much as I can to help ZANavi becomming successful. Please also add a feature request section to the wiki page.

When you contact the author encurrage him to describe the reasons for his fork in more detail.

Wiki page is extended, done. Feel free to add points there, especially when you compare the user interface with e.g. OsmAnd.

IMHO the most important bugs are that issue with house number search: when you have entered a city, then a street and finally a house number (for a street where house numbers are present inthe OSM data of course!) → all house numbers even in other streets in that area are displayed, the output is not limited to the street that was entered by the user!

Can anyone reproduce this?? (please describe your ZANavi version and a sample address when this works for you)

PS: I have emailed the author zoff … maybe he is willing to have a detailed look at our wiki page about ZANavi to answer some issues. (also have a look at his own wiki at

I just tested one no_left_turn and one only_right_turn Restriction and both worked okay.