new roundabout missing near Livorno Ferraris


Maxar aerial images show a roundabout at this node: which is not yet mapped in OSM.
There is also a cycleway which probably follows the roundabout?

I created a note ( for you.

how would you know it is a roundabout from aerial imagery? It’s impossible without on the ground knowledge

That’s one reason why I didn’t map it.

I wouldn’t be so shy :slight_smile:
It’s a simple 4 way crossing. Do you expect it to be an exotic kind of rotary?
There is also some Mapillary image here:

you should. Just omit junction=roundabout if you’re not on the ground and everybody can see it might probably be a roundabout, so someone can check it and add the tag. It is good practice to add verified information and leave unknown properties to the following mappers.

this of course confirms that it’s indeed a roundabout. :slight_smile:

I had experience with navigation on roundabouts not tagged as such and information given is terrible. I would leave it as is instead.

And I fully agree with this practice, I just don’t think this is the case for such prudence

I see you already mapped the new situation now :slight_smile:

Thanks, that information was missing. What is your workflow to find this? I think I once tried with the mappillary plugin in JOSM but without success.

Maybe we have different definitions of “full”

I use the josm plugin to see if there are images available, then I usually use the link in the information panel and step on the browser to see the images