New redesigned interchange in Sarasota Florida (Clark Rd/i-75) not mapped

Hi – So I sometimes visit Sarasota Florida, I was doing some mapping here, and here’s the issue I ran into:
The problem is a new interchange opened at Clark Rd and i-75, where FDOT converted a traditional diamond interchange into a diverging diamond one. Right now, what is mapped in the old diamond setup, and there’s no recent satellite imagery to be able to map it. Does anyone know how to go about mapping this? Providers like Apple and Google already have the new interchange mapped, but I’m unsure where to properly source that type of info without the most recent satellite imagery, as we can’t use Google. Also, I do not think I’m advanced enough to be able to map an interstate interchange anyway, so I was wondering if anyone else wanted to.

Location links:



Get in car, turn GPS or other suitable tracking device (aka phone) on. Drive over all possible segments. Upload recorded GPX track to

For some additional brownie points record the drive with Mapillary or something similar.


How far back was it completed ? It is possible that the Sarasota County Property Appraiser may have more recent aerial images.

Certainly in ESRI you can see construction in progress and where the wood strips were there are now excavated pools/ponds.

Yes, Sarasota County GIS has a new 2024 layer out. It was added to the editor layer index last week but hasn’t been released as part of the iD editor yet. In the meantime, you can set a custom background layer with the following URL:{zoom}/{y}/{x}

From the metadata, this imagery was captured between the beginning of December 6, 2023, and January 3, 2024, so it’s only technically 2024 imagery. You can see a little more of the DDI taking shape than in the most recent Esri or NAIP imagery, so if you’re familiar with the normal shape of a DDI, you might be able to sketch it in. If you’ve already been through the reconfigured interchange, feel free to map it from memory to the best of your ability, while we wait for newer imagery.

Ordinarily, when realigning an interchange, you might try to nudge the existing ways around without deleting anything. However, a DDI conversion ends up changing so much that you might as well draw the new roadways from scratch, hook them up to the surrounding roadways, and delete the old roadways. You’d need to add the new roadways to the SR 72 route relation afterwards. If you aren’t confident in getting all the details right, feel free to sketch in some of the changes and one of us can fix it up. After all, what’s there right now is definitely broken – it has drivers driving the wrong way down the road!