New railroad line in the occupied territories of Ukraine

Russia is building a new railroad line from the Donetsk region to Mariupol in the occupied territories of Ukraine. This is intended to make supplies less dependent on the lines via Crimea. According to media reports, this railroad line was inaugurated a few days ago.

This new railroad line is not yet registered in OSM, but you can find parts of the construction site in JOSM on the ESRI satellite images (only there), currently you can go from 47.6977/38.2272 to 47.5178/38.0352.

I have recorded this new line according to the satellite images but have not yet entered it because this may not be desired and I would now like to open a discussion about it.

Since the ESRI data is probably already a few months older, is there a way to get newer satellite data and integrate it into JOSM as a background?

There have probably already been entries that have been removed again.
Ukrainian laws prohibit the dissemination of such information.
So there is no point in mapping at the moment.