New "Quality Control" categories in OpenStreetBrowser

Recently I introduced a few “OpenStreetMap Quality Control” categories to OpenStreetBrowser:

  • Fix Me - All map features which have a “fixme” (or similar) tag, categorized by suffix (e.g. fixme:name) or content (e.g. “name wrong”). It can also filtered by type of feature (e.g. Shop, Road, …).
  • Culture - Media/Wikidata - In my opinion, each cultural map feature (artwork, memorial, tourist attraction, …) should have an image and/or a wikimedia_commons category (red=missing, light blue=set). Often, there even exists a Wikidata item (dark blue). Many memorials erroneously have the wikidata link to a person (magenta), this should most likely be a “subject:wikidata” (resp. “subject:wikipedia”) tag.
  • Wikipedia - This category was in the “Special” top category before. It shows all map features in the area with a wikipedia or wikidata tag (including prefixes, e.g. “subject:wikipedia” or “name:etymology:wikidata”).


Is it intentional that wikidata link to entry without images shows as blue?

And that it apparently complains about cases where wikipedia is set but not wikidata?

Sorry for the late reply - I thought, I would get a notification about a reply.

I haven’t thought about checking the Wikidata entry, if an image is set - I will add this!

I currently don’t check for Wikipedia at all. I could add a special warning, if a feature has a wikipedia tag but no wikidata tag. Shall I add that?

The check is rather simple. See openstreetbrowser-categories-main/culture-media.yaml at master · plepe/openstreetbrowser-categories-main · GitHub, lines 12 to 29.


I rather thought that presence of wikipedia tag should count like presence of wikidata tag (adding missing one if other is present already is job for bots/validators, not human editors)

BTW, amenity=place_of_worship should also ask for images

If I count it as wikidata tag, I also should check if it is a person (like for wikidata) - which is not possible right now (from the wikipedia tag value, I have to load the corresponding wikidata object via some SPARQL magic). For now, I will add an extra color for this. I could also, in a next step check if the wikipedia and the wikidata tag point to the same object.

How could I forget! I also added amenity=theatre .

I now also added the check for features with a wikidata object without image.

Btw, if you have more ideas / suggestions / bug reports (in this or other categories, or for new categories), you are welcome to post them to the Github issues:

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in my checker I call some API to lookup that info

Oh, that’s interesting. Could you check, which API you are using?

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where I found it:

matkoniecz/wikimedia_connection - wikimedia_connection - wikimedia_connection/ at master - wikimedia_connection -

url = "" + urllib.parse.quote(language_code) + "wiki&titles=" + urllib.parse.quote(article_name) + "&format=json"

Thanks! That’s very helpful, I will integrate it.

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I use this layer on my smartphone while travelling to find elements without pictures. Is there a way to filter out elements that already have a picture? Also because often I get confused by the “wikidata+image blue” and the “has wikidata tag, but wikidata object does not have an image blue”.

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Sure, no problem. I created a filter for the different categories (4f78539), I hope that helps.

Filtering for the items which need the result of the wikidata item will need some work in the internals of OpenStreetBrowser though (overpass-layer#25 and openstreetbrowser#168).

Do you think, different colours could help?

Yes (I had a similar problem, not sure whether I reported it)

Uhm, not really in my case. If I filter “No image, wikimedia_commons or wikidata” I can’t see the elements with a missing image in the “has wikidata tag” (the light blue ones) and viceversa, so I would have to change filter all the time to have a complete picture of the situation.

For “cleaning up” a little bit the map it would be usefult tho to combine both the mentioned filters, so the “image or wikimedia_commons tag but no wikidata” filter would be cut off (or to just exclude this last one?).
I’m thinking more aboout a “checklist filter” rather than a “single choice filter” I guess.

Definitely, what confuses me the most are (mainly the two on the right):

I added a “no image/wikimedia_commons OR wikidata without image” filter. I hope, this is sufficient.

About the colours: do you have a suggestion for a color scheme? You could create a custom category by cloning the category. On the bottom of the code you will find the colour assignments. If you have a scheme with which you are happy with, you can copy&paste the link to your custom category. More about custom categories in my short introduction video: Custom Categories | OpenStreetBrowser - YouTube (cloning categories at 1:24).

This is perfect! Thank you :smiley:

Not really, but with this filter it doesn’t really matter anymore (for me at least) since the two colours don’t appear together.

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