New pump_track tagging

Found a brand new one today which was known as under construction and had a fake (AI) picture in the papers before the construction had started. Just opened, only the second seen after the one in Rapino.

Given the standard public works board has only blanks where costs are supposed to be published, it’s a secret as to who/what whole or part funded (possibly private).


A roller blade rider and few kids on MTB bikes, no one ‘pumping’, the tags on OSM very mixed, found cycling=pump_track 700x and 1 sport=pumptrack;skateboard and an assortment each with just 1-2 hits, cooked up this, as that’s what got revealed in talking to the rollerblade guy and watch and wait a little on the one single bench installed.


Comments welcome (popcorn not served here :-))).

I’d go with

More comments may or may not arise :wink:

The multiple pump tracks in my hometown are tagged with leisure=track, area=no and sport=cycling + cycling=pump_track according to Proposal:Bicycle sports - OpenStreetMap Wiki
Most of them are specifically for bikes, and also tagged with surface=ground or =dirt.

Since I can only see the track, brand new formal surface concrete, the cast concrete maker’s name stencilled all over the sides, I could walk it with a gps tracker, in my next life… it will have to wait before outlining the actual track or someone else does. The area=no is no as it’s presently only mapped as an sports area.

(Come to think, on next visit I’ll ask any one with bike there to ride a few rounds slowly with my phone in record mode. Surely they would think it cowl when I tell them the track will be on the map tomorrow.:slight_smile:

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