New project licence


I am looking for a licence (different from “Public Domain”) that doesn’t have the drawbacks of the OSM licence.
(in terms of “Attribution” for such a huge collaborative project…)

The question was asked in openmoko forum for the setup of a collaborative database of GSM cell associated to GPS coordinates
such as

If the OSM licence was chosen again, what would it be ?

any suggestions are more than welcome !


there are the legal-talk and legal-general mailinglists where you can ask.

IMHO. CC-SA is ok, for Stockholm there are only 100 or so people to attribute, and max 50K for the world. And since the only way to attribute/contact people is through the, you don’t have to save anything just refer to

Then again there are always people that want to have things differently, E.g. IMDB was started as a collaborative, then turned commercial.

OSM is working on changing it’s license to something that specifically targets our kind of application (database). This license was developed for some company that needed it but will be adapted specially for OSM. The main goal of this license is to protect our database but free the tools of our current license. Anyway, this is how I understand it in a nutshell. The legal-talk mailinglist will be able help you further.