New part for road no.6!

Hi all!

I did it today, just finished putting it into the map.

Any new developments lately?

Hi Yaad,

great! Hope that this will mean less traffic on the other roads :slight_smile:

I added some more attributes to those way (oneway, surface, ref).

While doing that I noticed those several intersections on this road.
I didn’t drive on this part, but I aspect there to be a bridge, tunnel or something else.

Some examples:

I have also noticed that there is no way to enter the highway to the north from road 65:

And the following node shows a mismatch in directions:

Can somebody check that, to make sure this road will be useful for routing software.

Yaad, thank you for the work and posting!!!

Too much to write down everything, but look at a example: Netanya Beach


I did only the exits to Haifa.
When I’ll go to Yokneam I’ll drow the rest of the exits. hope to do the one from 65 - north…


I added the missing exit towards Yokneam and the entrance from Yokneam.