New OSM API interface for R

The new osmapiR package is now published at CRAN, the official repository for R packages. After almost one year of development and polishing, the package implements all API calls and includes a complete documentation with examples for all functions. With this publication and existing packages osmdata (implementing overpass calls) and osmextract (work with .pbf files), R is now a first class language to work with OpenStreetMap.


Does it suport Overpass et al?

I’m being slightly facetious, of course, but we did used to get a few questions on the old help site saying "“I’m trying to do (something) with the API in R” to which the answer was “don’t use the editing API for that” :slight_smile:

Checkout the README. For Overpass, there is the osmdata package and osmextract for .pfb files. So the tools and indications for the users are there. If you detect problematic uses or missing tips in the documentation, just tell me and I will try to imporve the package

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